Our Tortoises

We love our tortoises and always strive to enable them to lead the very best lives they can. Our collection currently consist of Sulcata, Leopard and Marginated Tortoises.

Our Sulcata Tortoises - Centrochelys Sulcata

Our Sulcata Tortoises ( the mischievous bunch ), range in age from 2 ( Tank & Bulldozer) to 4 years old (Sydney). They were purchased from unique breeders around the UK. Tank is from Essex, Bulldozer is from Ipswich and Sydney is from Exeter. They are naughty, funny and vivacious eaters ( if given the opportunity ) and grow at an amazing rate to eventually become the third largest tortoise breed in the world.

Our Leopard Tortoises - Stigmochelys Pardalis

Our leopard tortoises are from 2 - 11 years old. Freddie, the oldest and currently largest is male and comes from Dartford. Comet was purchased from Exeter in Devon and Dumper from Tiverton. They are much calmer than our sulcatas and very dainty eaters in comparison. Based on growth rate and other factors, our collection is suspected to be entirely male although it is rather soon to tell.

Our Marginated Tortoises - Testudo Marginata

Our marginated tortoises range from 2 - 3 years in age and are the only members of our family that will eventually hibernate in the winter months. They are the most docile of all our collection but can still tuck the food away! Technically, our Poppy was a suspected mix breed and something of a misfit. She had only one eye and other problems. Despite best efforts, Poppy sadly passed away at a young age.